About US

We are group of young idealists believing that change towards a more equal and sustainable world is possible if we come together and we truly believe in it. We are an international team composed by four South Sudanese, a Congolese and a Ugandan. We all have different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences but we are all believing in the same values of solidarity, sustainability, transparency and equality. We are united by the purpose of creating hope when it seems forgotten.

We realized that young refugees and marginalized youths have unique gifts, talents and skills which are often hidden by the lack of opportunities, by being traumatized or socially excluded. This is such a waste for the world! We decided to support them to transform personal and social challenges into opportunities creating a societal impact.
Our team is dedicated, committed and motivated and has multiple skills such as mentoring, life coaching, project development and management, design thinking and social entrepreneurship. We also strongly collaborate with experts and organizations on sustainable development, social innovation and community empowerment around the world that help us bringing in our team even more experiences and skills.

We are envisioning at creating a world where refugees and disadvantaged youths are self-sustainable and actualized changemakers who fully contribute in their communities.