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Project summary SINA LOKETA (SINAL) is an NGO aiming at empowering youth to use their own skills and abilities to create their social enterprises that can solve social problems, protect the environment and also generate incomes. It is an academy where refugees and disadvantaged youths from the refugee camp and host community in Uganda have the opportunity to learn together and to get through an intense process of personal and professional growth that would also allow them to develop ideas and transform them into social businesses.

Each scholar chooses from our core track areas and gets access to tools that they use to make and develop their ideas through Project Based Learning and hands on experimentation.
The scholars are matched with mentors and keep testing ideas and making mistakes until they become social change makers and living with their own social ventures created thus creating their own jobs and solving societal and/or environmental problems in their communities.

1.Personal development :

  • Team building activities
  • Trauma healing activities
  • Comfort Zone Comfort challenges
  • Purpose workshops
  • One on one life coaching
  • none violent communication(NVC)
  • Self-discovery
2.Professional development :
  • Skills development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social innovation
  • Design thinking
  • Customer discovery
  • Marketing research
  • Project management
  • Financial training and fundraising
  • Internet research and use of free open online courses
  • Team building
  • Cooperation and co creation
  • Effective self-presentation and projects
After completing the above trainings the scholars must be able to build enterprise, can cope with/manage stress, able to identify and create opportunity, high personal discipline, and understandings in Social entrepreneurship, high perseverance, high self-esteem, and basic accounting skills.

At this stage once a team has gained traction and has impact or first revenue (ideally both). The scholars are now able to network, creating partnerships and securing finance until the social enterprise is on its own feet.
SINA Loketa provides the scholar startups with means to attend events, conferences and completions in East Africa.
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