SINA LOKETA (SINAL) is a refugee youth-led non-profit organization in Bidi Bidi that builds on creative capacities of young people to develop social capital in refugee and host communities through social entrepreneurship and connectivity. It was created in 2017 by a team of 4 young refugees from D R Congo and South Sudan who have experienced the social innovation and entrepreneurship at Social Innovation Academy based in Mpigi. We do this through entrepreneurship training's, mentorship, life coaching, and trauma healing on both personal and professional development.
The marginalized and refugee's youth are able to overcome the fear of failing and start turning their innovative project ideas into social ventures. The scholars are matched with mentors and keep testing ideas and prototyping products/services until they become social change makers turning the most pressing problems in their communities into social, environmental and economic opportunities.
Each year, SINAL leads 90 new scholars through a personal and professional transformation based on project-based learning, where they learn through development of actual projects, and hands on experimentation, where they take organizational roles and responsibilities as part of leaning through actual job placement.