Aspiring Change

Created Enterprises

is upcycling plastic bottles to build artistic and affordable houses in both rural and urban communities and while creating employment for disadvantaged youths in Uganda. When plastic bottles are collected and compacted with soil, "bottle bricks" serve as useful construction material- and most importantly, bottle bricks are free of costs.
They are as strong as regular bricks, earthquake resistant, bullet proof and buffer heat. In Uganda, many individuals earn money by salvaging used bottles and reselling them on street corners for use in packaging other products like honey or oil.

Ecobees Uganda aims at preserving our forests through promoting modern bee keeping in local communities to help households generate extra incomes from their forests. we also provide pure, organic, safe and eco-friendly honey for everyone.

Through our bee keeping initiative in Bidibidi we do provide the refugee and host communities with an economic incentive to protect the woodlands and, where they have the opportunity to do so, disadvantaged people can be encouraged to engage in conservation projects. We also provide pure organic, safe and eco-friendly honey for everyone. See:

Generous Design Africa is using recycling art to make affordable, eco-friendly, durable, and waterproof African fabric products to create jobs for young women and unemployed youth while promoting innovative mindsets and protecting our environment from carbon emissions. See

Afia Porridge is one of the SINAL Award winning start-ups in Bidi Bidi that's adding value to mushroom and other agriculture vegetables to offer affordable nutritious porridge powder rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins to boost the health of young ones affected by anemia in the camp and while increasing the level of income among refugees in Uganda to become self-reliant, after acquiring the knowledge and skills where they can be able to produce their own mushroom for self-sustainability and consumption.

Mushroom is one of the important vegetables that contain great food value that is useful to human body; Mushroom contain many essential vitamins, such as vitamin B, C, and D. Vitamin B is good for a healthy skin and helps to prevent heart disease. Furthermore, Vitamin B2 and B3 are contributing in maintaining red blood cells and a healthy nerve function. Vitamin D, associated with strong teeth and bones, turns out to do much more for our bodies: it's important for cell division and strengthens the immune system. Mushrooms are the only non-animal source of this vitamin, which is very unique and of course good news for vegetarians.

Genesis Agri Farm is creating food security in the camp while engaging women and girls in sustainable agricultural businesses to earn a living. "Millions of refugees throughout Africa are currently reliant on regular aid to meet their food needs," said Filippo Grandi. In the best of times, refugees live in cramped conditions, struggle to meet their basic needs and often have no option but to rely on outside assistance for their survival. WFP is providing food assistance to more than 10 million refugees worldwide, including to those in the world's largest refugee settlements, such as Bidibidi settlement in Uganda, where rations were reduced by 30% in April due to lack of funding.