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ICT/Digital Inclusion

As the impact of COVID-19 has already surpassed what many thoughts possible, there has been an outsized effect on education, with refugee, populations disproportionately affected as access to resources is extremely limited. The situation at the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement is no different. As education activities around the world turn towards 21st-century tools, refugees and marginalized communities are being left behind. SINA LOKETA is building digital literacy among students and school dropouts.

Digital skills are vital to actively contributing to today's world. These skills suddenly become a necessity when issues like COVID emerge and digital learning becomes a requirement. To this end, we've been working with the UNHCR Innovation Service to help build digital skills for refugees and host communities in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement.

After completing this course, the learner is able to the use the computer for basic purposes such as:

• Using computer, smart phone and tablets
• Writing personal/business letters
• Searching information on Internet (laws, human rights, job opportunities, etc)
• Sending emails
• Prepare a presentation
• Exploring and applying on online opportunities

This allows a basic user to be digitally literate. The course would also aid to social and economic integration of refugees, and asylum seekers into the Ugandan Society. By using the computers, tablets, mobile phones, the target group can enjoy the world of Information Technology.