Our Impact

The impact for the society in Bidibidi and Uganda in general has been the founding of over 5 new social enterprises, which created over 200 new jobs so far. The enterprises have in the last year improved the life of over 20,000 individuals through their interventions, products and services.

This year SINA Loketa finalized and equipped, the project team to created awareness about the upcoming activities in the nearby areas and mobilized 75 applicants interested to join SINA Loketa's first full time "Applied Social Innovation" program. On January 8th the selection of scholars took place at the new site. Applicants went through a day of empowering and fun activities, allowing the Loketa team to assess candidates with an inherent drive to find solutions to existing problems and able to cooperate and work in teams with others. At the end of the day 30 scholars, male and female, refugees and host community, have been selected and started the program on the 14th of January.
During mobilization of youth it became apparent, that to reach young woman was harder than expected. During the selection itself only few women came and although the target was to have a 50/50 gender balance, this could not be achieved. has selected 30 more scholars in Bidibidi and host community at a given time and support them create solutions, jobs and social enterprises improving the living conditions within the camp. The organizational structure fosters the growth of every individual and offers opportunities to explore capabilities by taking over actual responsibilities and learn how to become a leader through actually leading.

Direct impact:
1) 90 Scholars Trained every year, 12 social enterprises created in our unique self-learning space and 45 scholars becoming self-sustainable every year.

Indirect impact:
2)5,000 Jobs created by scholar businesses by 2028
3) Youth unemployment rate reducing by 3% at least by 2028 in Uganda
4) Bidibidi refugee settlement camp become a co-working space where refugees and people from the host come together to solve social problems affecting them in their communities.
5) 1,000,000 lives positively impacted in the next ten year in Uganda