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Community Networking Centre in Bidibidi

Last year SINAL won the UNHCR Connectivity award. The goal of the project was to enable access to information and communications technology for 600 people of concerns through the creation of a Community Network Initiatives Centre in BidiBidi where the beneficiaries will be coming to have access to e-learning, and education/skills training for improved self-reliant and livelihoods in Bidibidi . This goal has been achieved by building a community Initiates center in Bidi Bidi where over 100 refugees and people from the host community have been economically impacted through the process of up cycling and compacting plastic bottles with soils to build an artistic Hub. With the support of the community the bottled house is raised with 30,000 up cycled plastic bottles within 3 months. Therefore, we would also like to appreciate our donors, caregivers and partners for their continuous support towards SINA Loketa. Thank you !!!!