Created Startups


Ecobuilding is upcycling plastic bottles to build houses of high value in rural and urban areas to protect the environment while creating employments for refugees and marginalized youths in Uganda. We are turning problems into job's opportunities in Uganda by upcycling plastic bottles to build houses of high value and protect the environment while engaging refugees and unemployed youths in the collection of plastic wastes to generate incomes sustain themselves and families. When plastic bottles are collected and compacted with soil, "bottle bricks" serve as useful construction material- and most importantly, bottle bricks are free of costs. They are as strong as regular bricks, earthquake resistant, bullet proof and buffer heat. In Uganda, many individuals earn money by salvaging used bottles and reselling them on street corners for use in packaging other products like honey or oil. In the beginning of 2019 we created a bottle construction awareness campaign in Bidi Bidi where we invited people to learn how to build a house using upcycled plastic bottles which has motivated them to start collecting and compacting plastic bottles which are being sold to our company to construct houses. So, far we have constructed five learning spaces in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement camp making bold innovation to spark students' creativities. We are envisioning at a sustainable world with zero plastic wastes.