Our Startups


Ecobuilding is upcycling plastic bottles to build houses of high value in rural and urban areas to protect the environment while creating employments for ref
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LOKETA Honey a bee keeping startup that alleviates poverty in bidibidi refugee's settlement camp and it hosts community by promoting modern bee keeping culture and engaging refugee and unemployed youths in the production and selling of bee products.
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ECO-BUILDING a business company that advocates the use of the carbon-saving Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block [ISSB] for construction as an alternative to the traditional fired brick, which is devastating Uganda's beautiful landscape. Since the ISSB is not fired, no trees are chopped down to fuel brick kilns, making ISSB far more environmentally friendly.
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Mandela Garden

Each refugee in Uganda currently receives 12Kg of flour, 4Kg of beans and 1L of oil per month, which is less than the bare minimum for survival and causing unrest. In the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp (270,000 people) for example refugees have no choice but to cut trees for firewood in the host communities, which has led to conflicts and deforestation leading to the global warming.
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Go clean-up

GO CLEAN-UP is a business bar soap making lab in bidibidi that brings refugee and unemployed youth together to participate in the production of organic bar soap products to create value for customers and while generating incomes to sustain themselves and families.
When materials are brought to our lab, it goes through a 12 hours process for the soap to really for use.
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Ray Films

Promoting storytellers through video shooting and editing to reveal the unrevealed stories of victims of violence in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp
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Bidi tour experience

Bidi Tour Experience is changing program that brings tourists together to experience life in Bidibidi refugee settlement camp, talk to the victims of violence and give them hope and support for a better future.
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Rise up and talk

Rise Up and Talk promote music, comedy and drama to shows case presentations and resolution techniques through music for peace and creative movement.Read More... »