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Thousands of plastic bottles are burnt for waste disposal in Uganda each day, destroying resources while creating pollution and creating health problems. It is wasting resources and releasing toxic pollutants into the air, land and water. Upcycling-Circle is a SINA Loketa's startup that turns problems into job's opportunities in Uganda by upcycling plastic waste materials to make products of high value while engaging refugees and unemployed youths in plastic waste management businesses to generate incomes sustain themselves and families. Upcycling of waste plastics is one of the best technologies to avoid environmental air pollution from burning the plastics. For e.g. In bidibidi we stated by introducing bottle construction houses by upcycling and compacting over 100,000 plastic bottles with soil to make bottle bricks which are currently being used to build SINA Loketa Youth Center in Bidibidi. When plastic bottles are collected and compacted with soil, "bottle bricks" serve as useful construction material- and most importantly, bottle bricks are free of costs. They are as strong as regular bricks, earthquake resistant, bullet proof and buffer heat.