Sylvain Himbana

ICT Instructor Job Opportunity in Bidi Bidi

We are looking for a certified Computer Trainer to join our Connectivity Centre in Bidi Bidi, zone 2. He/She will be responsible for creating lesson plans for computer literacy. He/she will also have to collect and develop teaching materials to aid your teaching process. Furthermore, you will be responsible for evaluating, grading and tracking the...

Music and Art for Social Change in Bidi Bidi

The Salam Music Program is located in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, in Northern Uganda, which is the largest refugee camp in Africa. Playing For Change Foundation has partnered with local NGO Sina Loketa to bring access to music and arts education to the youth of the settlement. In 2021, we initiated musical activities for about...

Opportunity for Refugees in Bidi Bi

SINA LOKETA (SINAL) aims to identify, inspire and empower 25 new young entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities, explore innovative approaches to create social businesses that generate profits and solve social and environmental problems in their communities. It’s a two-month programme that helps shape young people to discover their potentials and create community-based ventures to become self-reliant...

Supporting the PSEA Among Young Girls and Women in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Today according to the UNHCR Covid-19 response bi-monthly update of July 2020, Uganda is the third world refugee-hosting nation in the world with an average of over 1,428,961 million refugees who flee from different neighbouring countries such as South Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi of which close to one million refugees are currently...

PSEA Training in Bidi Bidi

In partnership with Totya Platform, we are able to conduct the training of ambassadors on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation Abuse (PSEA) in Bidibidi that seeks to build on the capacities of young leaders and equip them with materials needed to help facilitate the prevention of SEA in the Camp.We are so grateful to our...

Music teacher starts recording sessions

Just a few days after receiving new elementary recording equipment, our music teacher Victor started experimenting audio recordings with his students and local musicians. Victor has also been using the Online recording tool Soundtrap in order to remotely collaborate to recording sessions created by other PFCF programs in Africa. One of the main focus of...

New guitars for our music program

Today we are super happy for having received 10 guitars from our partner #playingforchangefoundation (PFCF). These music instruments will help amplifier our Salam Music activities in Bidibidi for peaceful co-existance and talent up-bringing.#playingforchange#unhcruganda#opm 10 Guitars offered by PFCF and Gibson Guitars.

Loketa Agro Farming

We are super excited to finally receive our oil processing machine. One of the aspects of the SINAL AGRO-FARMING project will be around natural oil production to add value to the small scale farmer’s produce and increase their incomes for poverty eradication and food security in Bidibidi. SINAL Agro-Farming strives to become the leading agro-farming...

Generous Design Africa

Made out plastic wastes in Bidibidi. Your orders are welcomed.#Generousdesignsafrica. #playingforchangefoundation #unhcruganda #opm

Learn with Sina Loketa

There are profound implications to having about 3.5 billion unconnected or under-connected people across the globe, and these effects have been exacerbated significantly under the COVID-19 pandemic.In light of this dire and increased need, SINA LOKETA is connecting the unconnected students through its Community Networking Initiative Hub by giving them access to co-working spaces, connected...
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