Start-up Lab Initiative: Launch of the Mushroom Cultivation Training in Bidi Bidi

We are thrilled to introduce our mushroom cultivation project in Bidi Bidi! Currently, 30 participants are being trained to grow mushrooms from their homes, with the goal of enhancing food security in the community.

Participants have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools, and start-up support needed to establish their own mushroom farms, thereby increasing food security and fostering economic independence in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement and its host community. After receiving entrepreneurship training and learning how to run and manage their own businesses, they formed teams and were provided with start-up support to launch their mushroom farms.

During the training, the trainees had an opportunity to practice and build a community mushroom house at SINAL. This community mushroom house will not only increase food security but also serve as an income-generating project, supporting vulnerable young mothers to practice sustainable mushroom businesses and earn incomes to support themselves and their families.

In addition to the training, we are providing ongoing technical support and educational resources to ensure the participants’ success. We also plan to conduct regular workshops and community meetings to share progress, address challenges, and celebrate milestones.

As we continue on this journey, we look forward to sharing more updates on this initiative, showcasing the impact and growth of our efforts in Bidi Bidi.

A big thanks to our partners for enabling this initiative in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement:

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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