April 1, 2024

SINAL’s Start-up Lab Initiative Receives Support from Eurofins Foundation

SINAL secures support from Eurofins Foundation for its Start-up Lab, advancing entrepreneurship and sustainable farming in marginalized areas, especially Bidi Bidi refugee settlement. This partnership enhances SINAL’s mission of inclusion and uplifting social businesses in Uganda. Throughout the implementation of the “Start-Up Lab” initiative, several achievements and milestones were reached: Successful establishment of 10 community-based...

Music and Arts Eduction in Bidi bidi

At the Salam Music and Arts Education Programme in Bidi Bidi, we are dedicated to empowering refugee youth through the transformative power of music and arts education. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional instruction, fostering creativity, instilling discipline, and cultivating a deep appreciation for the arts. Through tailored programmes, we provide opportunities for growth and...

Our Team

We are a team of social entrepreneurs and alumnus scholars from the Social Innovation Academy in Uganda. Equipped with training in mentorship, life coaching, social entrepreneurship, and project management, we’ve emerged as successful social entrepreneurs. Our diverse team comprises individuals from Congo, South Sudan, and Uganda, each bringing unique backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. United...