SINAL’s Start-up Lab Initiative Receives Support from Eurofins Foundation

SINAL secures support from Eurofins Foundation for its Start-up Lab, advancing entrepreneurship and sustainable farming in marginalized areas, especially Bidi Bidi refugee settlement. This partnership enhances SINAL’s mission of inclusion and uplifting social businesses in Uganda.

Throughout the implementation of the “Start-Up Lab” initiative, several achievements and milestones were reached:

  • Successful establishment of 10 community-based initiatives in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, providing income opportunities for entrepreneurs and farmers.
  • Training and capacity-building workshops conducted for over 32 candidates, equipping them with essential skills in business management, sustainable farming practices, and entrepreneurship.
  • Provision of seed capital and startup grants to selected beneficiaries, enabling them to launch and scale their ventures effectively.
  • Creation of a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, including mentorship from experienced professionals, networking opportunities, and ongoing technical assistance.
  • Engagement and collaboration with local stakeholders, including community leaders, government agencies, and partner organizations, to ensure the sustainability and scalability of project outcomes.
  • Recognition and support from The Eurofins Foundation and other key stakeholders, highlighting the importance and impact of the “Start-Up Lab” initiative in promoting economic empowerment and sustainable development in refugee and host communities.

These achievements and milestones demonstrate the significant progress made towards the objectives of the project and lay the foundation for future growth and sustainability.

SINAL extends gratitude to its partners, including the Eurofins Foundation, Playing For Change Foundation and SINA – Social Innovation Academy for their unwavering support in realizing the organization’s vision. Special appreciation is reserved for the trainers, mentors, and scholars who have completed the applied program, as their contributions have been pivotal in the success of the Start-up Lab initiative.


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