Food distribution to 185 orphans from 11 villages of Bidi Bidi,

We are so humbled and grateful for caregivers, individuals and other people of generous hearts from different countries of the world who supported and still supporting our initiative. Through your donations “We Care” today we are able to distribute food to 185 orphans from 11 villages of Bidi Bidi, zone 2. Each beneficiary got 5kgs of maize flour, 3kgs of Rice, 2kgs of sugar and 3kgs of Cow piece as well as 1 litre of cooking oil.We Care” Emergency Food Package is a short-term solution, to support and complement wider humanitarian efforts that are responding to the immediate needs of vulnerable refugees in relation to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

We recognise that a mix of short-term and long-term strategic solutions are required to address the challenges presented by COVID-19. You can still support us here:…Our goal with this campaign is to raise funds to provide emergency food packages and soap for at-risk young children and their families, to prevent malnutrition and the spread of the coronavirus in the Bidi Bidi. We are appealing to the kindness and compassion of every individual who is able to support an ultra-vulnerable community of people. We believe no contribution is too small.

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