Our start up “Afia” wins Social Impact Award 2020

Today we extremely happy and humbled by #AFIA one of our start-ups in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement for winning the Social Impact Award 2020. Basically, the startup is adding value to mushroom and other agricultural ingredients to produce porridge powder rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals to boost the immune system of children while engaging women in mushroom farming for their sustainability and consumption especially during this Covid-19 crisis where food is the big corner for pregnant mothers and children in the camp.During the pitching presentation, the Juries were excited to see how #AFIA is addressing the problems for pregnant women and children at risk of developing anaemia due to malnutrition. The startup is awarded 1,000 £ which is an investment to boost its production, marketing and Registration from its first prototype to full implementation. Congratulations to AFIA Team on bringing the Social Impact Award in Bidi Bidi this year.

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