Community Fund Programme for businesses affected in Bidi Bidi by covid-19

On 20/ October/ 2021 SINA LOKETA implemented the “Community Fund Program’’ project that aims at contributing to the economic recovery of small-scale businesses in Bidi Bidi and its host community through capacity building and access to micro-loan investments. In the first phase, 5 businesses were identified dealing in liquid soap making, Craft designing, Rabbit keeping, Poultry and Goat keeping. The members are currently equipped with essential business skills needed in order to be able to run and manage their businesses successfully. Upon completion of the training 5 groups were selected and given each 500,000 Ugandan Shilling to boost their businesses affected by the Corona Crises in Bidi Bidi. We appreciate the Foundation for enabling the “Community Fund Program’’ and for their contributions to the SINA LOKETA’s mission.

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