ICT Instructor Job Opportunity in Bidi Bidi

We are looking for a certified Computer Trainer to join our Connectivity Centre in Bidi Bidi, zone 2. He/She will be responsible for creating lesson plans for computer literacy. He/she will also have to collect and develop teaching materials to aid your teaching process. Furthermore, you will be responsible for evaluating, grading and tracking the students’ progress throughout the course term.

Apart from your teaching responsibilities, you should be able to actively participate in any extracurricular or placement activities. Also, your role as a Computer Teacher includes advising and guiding scholars during research or project work. Maintaining an orderly classroom environment and ensuring laboratory cleanliness at all times are also He/her responsibilities. In addition, He/She should be able to assist Scholars, teachers and other staff members in troubleshooting any technical issues. Apply immediately if you own excellent computer skills and an enthusiasm to nurture the student’s wellbeing.

Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qMq5JMP7wTJOAy0m7FaYGxph155gzsbcBCqFWID5gAg/edit

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