Enhancing Public Speaking Skills for Refugee Women in Bidi Bidi

We are thrilled to share the success of our Women’s Public Speaking Workshop held at SINAL in the Bidi Bidi Refugee settlement. These workshops were designed to empower women and enhance their public speaking skills, giving them a powerful tool to express themselves. Despite challenging conditions, the women’s resilience and dedication shone through as they developed their communication skills and eagerness to learn. Through hands-on exercises with various public speaking techniques, participants gained the knowledge and confidence to deliver impactful speeches. We are inspired by the transformative impact of the workshop, as women left with newfound self-assurance, communication skills and the ability to advocate for their rights. This workshop is proof that given the right opportunity, anything is possible. We would like to commend facilitator Miriam for her outstanding effort in creating a platform where women’s voices could be heard and their stories shared. Thank You!!

See the report:

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