PSEA Training in Bidi Bidi

In partnership with Totya Platform, we are able to conduct the training of ambassadors on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation Abuse (PSEA) in Bidibidi that seeks to build on the capacities of young leaders and equip them with materials needed to help facilitate the prevention of SEA in the Camp.
We are so grateful to our partner #playingforchange that has provided us with financial support to enable the implementation of this PSEA program in Bidibidi.


The majority of the population in Bidi Bidi are women and children below 35 years old who are living under difficult circumstances. Women and girls living in refugee camps are at far greater risk of rape and sexual assault. Living conditions are often unstable and unhygienic: camps foster insecurity, rather than prevent it, and the female refugee is frequently deprived of her means of self-reliance. The most basic needs are not met and economic opportunities are almost non-existent. Women and girls are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation in return for food and exposed raps while looking for firewoods as cooking fuel from the host community. Many have been exploited in organized commercial sex operations while others have suffered different kinds of disabilities as a direct result of sex exploitation. Underreporting of SGBV cases remains a major concern due to a variety of factors including stigma, shame, family reactions and dissolution, perception of SGBV as a private matter, or lack of confidence in reporting channels.

The project aims to reduce sexual exploitation and abuse among women and girls through character-building programs that develop self-awareness, self-management and social competence which lead them to become self-aware, self-managed and economically empowered. The first and most crucial step toward change is open and honest communication. Girl Talk will focus on teaching women and girls how to be confident, smart, proud and powerful through facilitated dialogue with their peers. The project will also promote micro-enterprise development and income generation activities for women and girls to build on their potential to take charge of their own lives and ambitions. Women and girls will be able to overcome the fear of failing, gaining self-esteem and start their own businesses to meet their basic needs and provide for themselves and their families in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

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