Supporting the PSEA Among Young Girls and Women in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Today according to the UNHCR Covid-19 response bi-monthly update of July 2020, Uganda is the third world refugee-hosting nation in the world with an average of over 1,428,961 million refugees who flee from different neighbouring countries such as South Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi of which close to one million refugees are currently in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement with (232,721 people) which has to make Uganda become the third biggest refugee-hosting nation in the world. Among this population, 53% are female while 71% are children below the age of 18. Living conditions are often unstable and unhygienic: camps foster insecurity, rather than prevent it, and the female refugee is frequently deprived of her means of self-reliance. The most basic needs are not met and economic opportunities are almost non-existent. Women and girls are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation in return for food and exposed raps while looking for firewoods as cooking fuel from the host community. Many have been exploited in organized commercial sex operations while others have suffered different kinds of disabilities as a direct result of sex exploitation. Underreporting of SGBV cases remains a major concern due to a variety of factors including stigma, shame, family reactions and dissolution, perception of SGBV as a private matter, or lack of confidence in reporting channels. Most survivors remain silent due to fear of reprisals and/or mistrust of getting supported if reported. Since its outbreak, COVID-19 has disrupted the social, economic and political life of people worldwide. SINAL With Totya Platform with the funding from PFCF together implemented a five days’ workshop that aimed at identifying potential PSEA ambassadors and equipping them with knowledge, tools and skills needed to carry out awareness on SEA (Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) while indicating existing supporting channels to help the victims and survivors of SEA in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement. This goal has been achieved and over 17 ambassadors from 11 villages of Bidi Bidi were trained and certified to carry out the activities.

Therefore our goal for this end of the year is to raise 25,000 USD that will enable us to continue the implementation of the PSEA Project in Bidibidi. In this regard, we hope to reach out to 3,000 young girls and women within the Bidibidi refugee settlement and its community.

The beneficiaries are women and girls between 16 to 30 years old who are victims of sexual exploitation or abuse, all come from diverse backgrounds and live in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. Some are former orphans, former street children, former sex workers, HIV positive and many had to go through very difficult circumstances in their recent past until reaching Uganda. The project will focus on clarifying different types of sexual exploitation and abuse, available reporting channels and blockades to reporting. Pieces of training and workshops will be conducted in Zone 2 of Bidi Bidi with 14 ambassadors from 11 villages targeting at least 20 to 40 beneficiaries per session or workshop that will be conducted. We shall also create a Community Drama Club to create PSEA related 10 minutes films that will then be projected in the different villages of the camp and as well as Radio Drama Play in Bidi Bidi to circulate key messages on PSEA. The project will also produce and distribute nearly 2,000 information, education and communication (IEC) materials in English and Kawa languages which included T-shirts, posters, pamphlets, videos, and radio shows to reach at least 3,000 people in Bidi Bidi by the end of 2022.

Any dollar given to us can make a difference. Support our initiative via:

AS SINA LOKETA we are creating a self-sustained community where refugee and marginalized youth are self-actualized and economic actors who contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. We believe that SINA LOKETA is a worthy cause that will create a great positive impact for many refugees in Uganda and outside. We’re excited for your contributions to make this project a reality to improve many lives of thousands of young girls and women who are suffering and dying in silence due to fear of being stigmatized.

Thank you very much for your support!!!

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